Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thankful Thursday Brought to You by the Letter Oo

Thankful Thursday is brought to you today by the letter Oo.

Ooooooh. I may have a hard time with this one!

Things for which I am thankful that begin with the letter Oo:

~ octopus (too cool)

~ otters

~ oak trees

~ oatmeal, especially in cookies and muesli

~ oboe music

~ obvious answers - this really helps me

~ ocean

~ occupation, mine as a writer and a Nana

~ olives

~ old-fashioned stuff

~ omelets

~ once upon a time stories

~ open air

~ orchards

~ oxygen

Now, that wasn't too bad. Can you think of anything else that begins with Oo for which you are thankful?

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