Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thankful Thursday ~ Brought to You By the Letter Mm

Today is Thankful Thursday.

Being thankful today is brought to you by the letter Mm.

Here are a few things for which I am magnificently thankful:

~ moms

~ Messiah

~ money (it does help us purchase necessities)

~ mud (to play in)

~ Mabel and Monet (the gray kitties)

~ mountains

~ my Mazda - it gets great gas mileage

~ mahi mahi

~ machines that help us

~ magpies and meadowlarks

~ mail (real, not junk or bills)

~ my man

~ manger (the, where Jesus was born)

~ maple trees

~ maple syrup

~ markets, especially produce and antiques

~ marriage with my man

~ massage, and oh, and I needing one on my neck

~ melodies & music

~ merry making

~ mind (all the better to think about you, my dear)

~ mittens

~ motorcycle (we love the Honda Shadow - it's our hobby as a couple)

How about you? Mm is a marvelous letter for thankful thinking.

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  1. Oh, forgot a biggie! Let's add MUSTARD to the list. I'm a mustard type of gal. Mmmm.


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