Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 Word of the Year - BELIEVE

(Thanks, Mary Vee, for the BELIEVE banner! You can find Mary Vee at www.maryvee.com).

My word for 2015 is BELIEVE.

Last year, 2014, my word was joy. I took a different approach to reflecting on my word of the year as I penned a book of sorts, 365 Days of Joy (a work in progress and edits).

I struggled to find choose the word I wanted to focus on for the year. Create, believe, peace, and spicy all came under contemplation.

Believe it is, then. The others can wait for a different year.

Life is always changing, growing, transforming - as am I. Believe is just what I need to focus on opportunities and the twists and turns of this path called LIFE.

Some ways I might consider BELIEVE:

~ Believe in God.
~ Believe in the gifts He has given me.
~ Believe in Amplify, our church group.
~ Believe in the opportunities He will provide.
~ Believe in His plan.
~ Believe in writing.
~ Believe in our small house plan.
~ Believe in my family and friends.
~ Believe in the love my husband and I share - coming up on 30 years of marriage.
~ Believe in my faith in Jesus Christ.
~ Believe that the Word will not return void.
~ Believe in the simple life.
~ Believe in simple foods and healthy life.
~ Believe that life is a great adventure. And fun.
~ Believe in my children and the grands.
~ Believe in joy, peace, love, grace.
~ Believe that hard work is necessary for success.

There are so many directions I can look to consider BELIEVE. Doubt is such an easy word and sometimes appealing pathway. I want to turn my back on doubt and hold hands with belief. Belief will grow with the confidence bestowed by Him who gives grace and perfect gifts. My Friend.

Happy 2015.

~ Don't forget to believe in the Seattle Seahawks. Win or lose, they are family.

Angie Quantrell believes that 2015 will be an awesomely excellent year full of excitement, challenges, love, and hard work.

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  1. Angie,
    Your believe list is inspiring. Great post!

  2. Thanks, Mary. :) I have my believe poster right on my computer and bulletin board.


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