Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love is in the Air - Wacky Wednesday

Why art thou silent! Is thy love a plant
Of such weak fibre that the treacherous air
Of absence withers what once was so fair?

~ William Wordsworth, British poet
1832. "Why Art Thou Silent!," Yarrow Revisited and Other Poems (1885)

Maybe he was talking about red onions that look like hearts. They are a plant of weak, yet burning, fibre. Oh, yes, treacherous air! As my eyes burn while cutting the silent plant that once was fair, the absence of fumes makes me silent. And, I might add, onions are withered plants. Just look at the dried up stems.


Angie Quantrell loves onions and plants. Love is in the air this month of February. Have a love-ly day.

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