Friday, February 6, 2015

The TARDIS - Rustic Style

At my house, we call this huge, brown, wood storage cupboard the TARDIS. The grands call it the TARDIS. Family members do the same.

I'm sure most people will not understand the significance. As my TARDIS is not the least bit blue, or bigger on the inside, or even capable of time travel with a cool Time Lord.

But TARDIS it is.

Currently, my TARDIS is the toy and storage cupboard. Eventually, the brown TARDIS will become the blue TARDIS. I have found the perfect TARDIS blue and pinned it on my Dr. Who Pinterest board. My goal is to refurbish this box to resemble the real TARDIS. You may have to use your imagination just a bit, for the shape is off. But since I call it the TARDIS now and it looks nothing remotely like a TARDIS, I guess I will be good at that.

And after it becomes the TARDIS, should I ever have a pottery studio, it will be my damp closet for clay work in progress. Not many would have a TARDIS in their pottery studio. Maybe I will be the first.

But for now, it is filled with all that thrills a child. Chaos, toys, games, junk, tubs, and fun galore.

Just put it in the TARDIS, boys, in the TARDIS.

Angie Quantrell enjoys watching sci-fi series like Doctor Who and Star Trek. Imagination is a great and wonderful thing.

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