Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Mystery of Black Devil's Forest - A Tale from 7th Grade - Throwback Thursday


The Mystery of Black Devil's Forest

By Angie Quantrell, 7th Grade

Grade: 1+++ (1 = A)

Check out a writing project I did in 7th grade. That was MANY years ago. I was about 13 years old so this school work was completed approximately 38 years ago. Wow.

This work of literary art comes complete with an old, cougar-emblazoned spiral bound notebook, penciled cursive writing, and simple illustrations. As I lived in Arizona at that time, I imagined this story taking place in Sunnyside, Washington. My grandparents lived in Sunnyside, so that was good enough for me.

Now the forest? Totally make-believe. The only forests around Sunnyside these days consist of feed lots and four-legged moo-trees, vineyards with trees of vines, orchards, hops, and various trees planted by homeowners. No forest. No black devil.

But the memories of being allowed to sequester myself in quiet spots around the school by my 7th grade teacher so that I could work on my masterpiece? Totally awesome.

Memories from a writer...

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