Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Ideas - Missions Mosaic Article

I love that little surprise when I flip through my new Missions Mosaic magazine and find something I've written. Once I send in work, I put it out of my mind and go on to the next thing. So it's just like Christmas! Except for this month, it's Valentine's Day.

I had the pleasure of writing valentine ideas for the For the Family feature in the February 2015 Missions Mosaic. Fun! I love brainstorming and planning activities, especially if the whole family is involved. Actually, my enjoyment of that type of writing just came up in a phone conversation with my editor. She said that she knew I liked that sort of stuff. She is a wise woman.

I relish reading the entire Missions Mosaic magazine, from front cover to back cover. It's filled with so many neat, challenging, educational, inspirational, and spiritual articles and features that it is hard to know which I love best (to read). So today, I share with you a great resource. (And that is not just because I write for this organization, though Woman's Missionary Union does an excellent job of missions education and involvement).

Check it out. You can subscribe through or by calling 1-800-968-7301.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Angie Quantrell loves her job as a wife, mother, Nana, and writer. This is especially easy in the month of love, February.

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