Monday, February 16, 2015

Dreams of Living Small - The Small House Movement

We have a very big dream of living small.

What does that mean?

For us ~

~ reducing the amount of belongings we own and have to care for

~ recycling, reusing, repurposing

~ condensing our lifestyle so that we use less, need less, and spend less

~ use the extra time, money, energy on what's important to us - family, friends, faith, travel, time together, motorcycle rides, gardening

~ building a smaller home to fulfill all of the above

I have long been reading and following those who already live in the movement known as tiny living (or small homes or simple living or minimalistic lifestyle). I'm fascinated with the super tiny living spaces, but realize that it won't work for us. This movement is ripe with ideas and ingenuity. I love reading what others have done. Perhaps future vacations will involve staying in some of those tiny spaces.

We are aiming for a 900 square foot (give or take) home. That would just about do it.

For now, we are juggling ideas, information, and expert opinions. Looking at possible property sites (one aspect of our dream is to get out of town and have more space for nature and outdoor projects like bigger gardens and quiet living) took us out on our first motorcycle ride of the year. I know. February. In Washington state. FEBRUARY. It's been so mild and nice, everything is budding and springing forth with green. Perfect for motorcycle rides. A little brisk, but wonderful.

Interested? Check out my two Pinterest boards - Les Petite Maisons and Our Tiny Home. Both have pins of some things we really like. I also follow the Tiny House Talk newsletter ( It is a wealth of examples and information about living small (or tiny).

Simple living. Ahhh.

Angie Quantrell and her husband are seeking ways to live small and simple. She just wonders how to contain two wild kitties who will undoubtedly destroy or race crazily through whatever size of space they find.

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