Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Go Ahead, Touch My Groceries - I Dare You

It's nice to have someone notice that you are a healthy eater. It's even okay to share cooking and eating tips with others when you are standing in line.

But I don't really think it's alright to pick up someone else's chosen food (from their nicely boxed-in-with-dividers grocery pile) and consider the contents.

That actually happened. Now, while it's not that bad of an intrusion into the realm of personal property, as the groceries have not yet been purchased, still, one would think that talking about chocies an allowable pastime, but picking up the goods of others? Not really.

My honey and I were waiting in line after placing our selections on the electronic black plastic walkway for shopping goods. The lady in front of us was waiting her turn as well. Suddenly, she turned sideways and began to visually inspect our choices. With extreme focus and attention to detail.

And then she did it. She grabbed a jar of pickled peppercini peppers (say that three times in a row). And proceeded to ask us questions about how to use them and what to do with them while she was reading the label and handling our pepper jar.

What do you do? Slightly annoyed, partially amused...maybe it is a regional thing. Is it okay in different parts of the country or world to handle the groceries of other people (not talking about the box person or cashier here) when standing in line to pay?

Anyway. She finally put down our jar. And stood there, calmly perusing our groceries. After contemplating and passing judgment, she turned and said, "You eat pretty healthy, don't you?"

Like I said. It's great to have someone agree with your diet.

On the shelves? Go for it. In the produce bins? All yours. Freezer? Dairy case? Help yourself. But once I touch it, grab it, and put it in my cart, that means I have every intention of purchasing said items and taking them home. For my family. You are welcome to get the same things. But not off of check stand belt.

Interesting. Thanks for the odd encounter. And should we stand in line together again sometime in the future? Ask your questions. Share your comments. Just use your eyes, not your hands. Isn't that something we teach our children? Look, don't touch.

Don't touch my food. You will make me very happy.

Angie Quantrell doesn't think she has food issues, but the jury is still out. Willing to share food and ideas with others. But let's leave the groceries on the conveyer belt, okay?

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