Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Through the Alphabet - Starting with the Letter A - Thankful Thursday

How about if we start a new Thursday tradition? Not just Throwback Thursday (which I always forget to do) but Thankful Thursday?

I got this idea from Robin Lee Hatcher, a writer and blogger I follow at She recently blogged A through K in thankful thoughts. I decided to take my time meandering through the alphabet. For one, I can really focus on each letter. For two, I will have more time to find cool letters to photograph for the blog shot.

Ready or not, here we go.

Thankful Thursday - A

I am thankful for


arches (especially ones in the garden)

arachnids (only outside ones, and none on me - they do eat lots of other pests)




aardvarks (someone has to be thankful that they eat ants)


arms (all the better to hug)

artichokes (the soup, as in creamed, oh, so good)

age (I've worked hard to get this old)

Did you think of something beginning with A for which you are thankful? Next Thursday, we are on to the next letter.

Angie Quantrell loves making lists, especially of things for which she is thankful.

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