Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Thanks for Things Beginning with the Letter C

It's Thankful Thursday! Today, I am thankful that I remembered!

Things for which I am thankful that start with the letter C:

~ Christ

~ Creation

~ cream (frozen with chocolate on top)

~ cheese

~ chocolate (this may appear more than once)

~ cabbage, cauliflower, corn, carrots

~ cooking (I adore cooking meals for captive crowds)

~ creating (creating is curiously captivating)

~ cornflower blue

~ cats (though I would give you the one that just brought delivered a headless rat - into the bedroom)

~ climbing roses

~ crocheting warm cozies

~ cradles with babies

~ cuddling

~ cabins

~ contacts (I can see ever so much better with contacts than glasses, unless I am writing or reading)

~ camping

~ cameras

~ Christmas

~ computers

~ crayons (oh, yeah)

~ cantaloupe

~ Cape Cod

~ coffee (whew, almost forgot it!)

~ caramel

~ C.S. Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia

~ children (especially grand-children)

~ cars (so much easier to get around)

~ chorizo (Mmm!)

~ church

~ Cross (as in THE Cross)

~ chrysalids (butterflies be coming soon)

Certainly not a comprehensive compendium of C-related things, but allow me to complete this post with a few more cognitive contemplations: camels, complex carbohydrates, caresses, concerts, and compliments.

How creative can you be in sharing items for which you are thankful that begin with C? Comment below.


Angie Quantrell loves to play with words and was accused of luring fellow classmates to her groups with her love of quickly solving confusing puzzles. Mostly, her husband is the one who complains about competing with her enjoyment of consonants and vowels. Cela vie!

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