Friday, February 27, 2015

Fun with Friends - Logging Boom Days of Northern Idaho Photos Discovered

Me, ready for a tour of Potlatch, circa 1993

This was going to be a Throwback Thursday post. But I have a thankful project going on Thursday's. So we will call this Throwback Friday.

On Wednesday, I blogged about taking classes with my fellow teacher and friend. The class topic was Logging Boom Days of Northern Idaho. After the post went live, guess who discovered photos from the same trip?

Me. Amazing. If only you could see how many actual real live photographs I have. Boxes. Albums. Drawers.

Thousands. And that is a conservative estimate.

So here, to celebrate a miracle, are photos from our famous (in our minds) class about the Logging Boom Days of Northern Idaho.

1993 - Logging Boom Days of Northern Idaho

Alyson and I, in the midst of the class, posing by old wood (presumably logged during the logging boom days of northern Idaho)

First night out, camping in Idaho. This was the place I locked the keys in the van, hours from AAA, leaving us stranded and late for class. We definitely made an impression on that instructor!

Hiking uphill through beautiful forests

Here I come, walking down the street, get the funniest looks from, everyone she meets . . . (The first one to name that tune gets a free forest map from Idaho - comment below)

One of us is a goof off. Just saying . . . at Potlatch tour. Beware of falling logs and metal structures!

Our lovely 3-person cabins along the St. Joe's River. It really was a beautiful spot. The river was right across the gravel road.

Bats! Told you there were bats. In the previous picture you can see how easily they could inhabit the space between the tin and wooden roof.

Lovely bat-free zone accommodations.

Log-perching. The perfect place for inspiration. This is where I penned some of my poem for the class. The only downfall was that the time allowed for log-perching was too short.

Angie Quantrell loves getting out into nature. The forests of northern Idaho are indeed worth the dust, travel, sweat, and bats. I think I need a return trip!

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