Friday, February 20, 2015

World Hunger 101 Now Available in Spanish - Hambre Mundial 101

I just discovered that World Hunger 101 is now available in Spanish! How exciting is that?

I was thumbing through the 2014-2015 WMU Catalog and chanced upon this new item. Though it may seem that I speak Spanish, I don't. The wonderful people at WMU have translated this resource for Spanish speaking audiences.

World Hunger 101 - World Hunger Event Promotion Pack, Teaching Preschoolers About Hunger, and the World Hunger Break Bank are great resources for staging a hunger event for church groups, community groups, or other groups of people interested in learning about and being challenged to do something about world hunger.

Now, with the release of Hambre Mundial 101 (World Hunger 101, Spanish Translation) new audiences can join the fight against hunger.

This is so cool!

With the exception of the World Hunger Break Bank, the other three items are immediately downloadable.

World Hunger Day usually occurs in October. But hunger does not happen only in the fall. Throughout the year, families - children, teens, adults, seniors - and many other individuals face meal times without food. I know I love eating regularly. I pains me to consider how hungry these sometimes unseen ones must get.

Check out these excellent resources. Join the fight against hunger.

Call: 1-800-968-7301

Hambre Mundial 101 (World Hunger 101, Spanish Translation) - E144101
World Hunger 101, World Hunger Event Promotion Pack - E113103
Teaching Preschoolers About Hunger - E118102
World Hunger Break Bank (pkg. 50) - W094103

Angie Quantrell is overjoyed to see World Hunger 101 translated for Spanish speakers. She can't wait to see how the Lord uses these resources to feed the hungry.

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