Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Card Joy: Old Book = Cute Display

Need a new Christmas card display idea? Turn an old hardback book into an unusual way to show off your cards.

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest, my favorite location for gathering ideas. The fun thing about finding great ideas is that you personalize and adjust them to fit your likes and location. Perfect.

First you find a neat old book at a thrift store. Doesn't matter what it is about. You won't be reading it.

And then you fold pages. And fold pages. And fold some more. This takes the most time of any of the steps. I think I worked on and off for 3 or 4 days before I was finally done.

And then you let your grandson help choose a winter print scrap paper for covering the inside pages. This is vital if the inside pages are ugly or boring. Or maybe you just love snowmen like we have on ours. I glued it down with Modge Podge. Worked perfectly. Oh - I tore off an end page to measure the scrap paper. Again, easy and perfect fit.

All done. Display those cards any which way. I added fresh greens, a German smoker Nativity, and a candle.

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