Monday, December 22, 2014

Learning French

Me: Do you want to learn to count to 10 in French?
Hayden: Yes, teach me!

Me: Un.
Hayden: Un.
Me: Deux.
Hayden: Deux.
Me: Trois.
Hayden: Trois.
Me: Quatre.
Hayden: Quatre.
Me: Cinq.
Hayden: Cinq.
Me: Six.
Hayden: Six.
Me: Sept.
Hayden: Sept.
Me: Huit.
Hayden: Huit.
Me: Neuf.
Hayden: Neuf.
Me: Dix.
Hayden: Dix.

Me: There, you counted to 10 in French.
Hayden: You are really a teacher aren't you, Nana?
Me: Yes, I am.
Hayden: Yay! Nana's teaching me to count in Spanish!

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