Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Tea & Traditions

TJ, Mom, and I at the Christmas Tea

Traditions are very important. This is especially true during the Christmas season.

Some traditions that we hold dear:

~ putting up the tree on Thanksgiving Day and watching our first Christmas movie (though this year, the Seahawks played - we watched them instead)

~ watching all of the versions of "The Christmas Carol" we can find

~ switching the radio station to Christmas music

~ reprogramming the Ipod to play Christmas music

~ celebrating Advent at church

~ holding a Christmas Eve candlelight service

~ rereading and contemplating the Christmas story from the Bible

~ baking special Christmas treats

~ praying for snow, snow, and more snow

~ watching Christmas movies

~ hot cocoa, candlelight, and snuggles

~ doing the 12 Days of Christmas with our stockings

~ seeing and hearing from family and friends

~ putting up the stockings we have used for our entire marriage

~ using the same tree skirt that I made when we first got married

~ buying presents for our loved ones

~ composing the Christmas newsletter and mailing the photo cards

~ allowing the kitties (whichever ones we have at the time) play with wrapped presents, wrapping stuff, and various decorations

To name a few . . .

This year my sister, my mother and I traveled to a Women's Christmas Tea in Kennewick. It was delightful. There were beautiful decorations, adorable ladies (especially my mom, just ask the lady at our table who kept telling her that), delicious treats, great music, and interesting speakers. Tack on a little shopping before and after, plus a few hits of coffee, and we called it a good day. I'm already considering next year.

Note: I just attempted to locate a good quote that included the word tradition. I had no idea that there were so many negative connotations attached to 'tradition.' Here I was thinking about sentimental reasons I did things in certain ways. I can see their points (sort of), but I mean it in the nicest sense.

Good news. Here is one that is more appropriate.

I learned from my grandmother, who grew up in devastating war times, how important it is to keep with tradition and celebrate the holidays during tough times.

- Marcus Samuelsson

So let's keep with tradition and celebrate the holidays, even now, during the tough times.

What traditions do you enjoy?

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