Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Carolers - Victorian Dolls Meet Khloe aka Decorating When You Are Three

The Evolution of Design

Meet Khloe, interior decorator. At three, both her decorating style and choice of wardrobe show future promise in the world of fashion and design. In our first photo, Khloe demonstrates her ability to focus on the facets of design. She steps back to view the overall picture before beginning her work.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Caroler. They are the subject of study by designer Khloe. How to look upbeat and current? How to take a fashion stand?

Notice the touch of class added by our design protégé. A classic tiara, in teal sequins, adorns the top of Mrs. Caroler's head. In a nod to worldwide celebrations, Khloe has added a string of matching Mardi-Gras beads. Perfect touch.

At first, our top class designer, sporting her own look of princess train and crown, thought to keep with appearances and wear the crown.

But upon further consideration, Khloe, ever wise in her decisions, placed the piece de resistance upon Mrs. Caroler's head. The result? Much joy and satisfaction is evident on Khloe's youthful face.

Star watch, people, star watch.

Keep an eye on this young designer. The future will tell how her strong and confident clothing and design choices will influence leaders at even the top houses.

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