Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Tree Event - aka - My Free Tree

As requested, here are a few additional photos of our lovely Festival of Trees free tree. Actually, the $5 tree. One raffle ticket = $5. As a personal disclaimer, it is very difficult to take photos of a lit tree (only the lights show up) and an unlit tree (not as exciting as the lights). Feel free to use your imagination.

Since I didn't think I would win, I was fine with contributing to the cause.

At future events, I'm sure I will make up it all up by buying a ticket and not winning.

Notice the width of the tree base as compared to the van opening!

The beginning of the destruction...

Some of the beautiful decorations on the tree.

Owls, berry sprigs, grape vines, pinecones, and floral pieces were combined to great effect. I do have to say that we were not able to return the sweeps of grape vines to their former beauty. Poor, sad vines did not survive the trip very well.

Gold ribbon bows and wide burlap ribbons are spread throughout the tree.

Feathers, berries, and twigs adorn the tree. You may notice that most of the feathers have been placed on the top of the tree. The kitties thought they had captured a live bird when they found some feathers. We had to chase them through the house, growling and hissing. (The kitties growled and hissed, not us.)

The overall effect of the nature themed ornaments is very beautiful.

Feathers do not lend themselves to photos. But I love them in the tree.

Using a flash just doesn't do justice to the tree.

Yes. We do have kitties. Why do you ask?

The theme wrapped presents (props) are adorning the top of the TARDIS. Beneath them is a huge sheet of loosely woven burlap. It is perfect.

Thanks for checking out our tree. I encourage you to find a Festival of Trees next year. It was so much fun.

For now, I love my tree. So do the kitties.


  1. You have a time machine from Dr. Who?

  2. Thanks for posting more photos. I love the outdoor theme of the tree but there are enough decorations for 2 more trees. I got some great ideas for decorating. My previous comment was on the theme wrapped presents on the TARDIS. I am not a Dr. Who fan but know some who are.


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