Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Old Things, New Uses

Mabel has discovered a new use for the sink sprayer. It is now called a head rest.

We see normal everyday items being used in the traditional fashion. But what if we got creative? How many ways can we use that same old thing? Sort of like reuse and repurpose, but with a twist (the sink sprayer will still always be a sink sprayer).

Let's see what we can find.

Check out this wrapping paper plastic tub with wheels. Voila! It is now a water exploration tub.

Looks like a shopping bag and a basket, right? Wrong. Those are kitty beds.

What used to be old book pages, some ribbon, glue, tape, and pretty paper is transformed into pretty rosettes.

See how much fun it is to acknowledge our resourcefulness? Maybe a few more...

The old mini wine barrel has become a light and log filled beacon of welcome.

Nesting dolls become a game in graduating sizes.

An old picture frame, old paneling, and some paint transforms into a chalkboard.

This is fun! We are just being resourceful. I think I will keep looking.

What old things can your find new uses for?

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