Saturday, December 20, 2014

Homemade Stockings - A Family Tradition

Ages ago, or at least twenty-nine years, I made matching stockings for my new husband and myself.

Using fabric with Christmas prints, I sewed strips together to make a striped quilted fabric. The striped pieces were sewn to a backing to provide stability. After cutting out the stocking shapes, they were sewn together. I added festive trim and a loop for hanging. To finish the stockings, I embroidered our names.

Upon the arrival of each of our children, showing my love of elaborate Christmas times with family, I made more stockings. But their stockings were huge. Actually, each baby could fit into his and her stocking with ease. For a short time.

The tradition continues. With the birth of each grandbaby, yet another handmade stocking is created. The only signs that show the different decades of origin are the changing of the prints on the fabric. And possibly the variety of trims.

It's always been that way with me. Making things with my hands is one of my passions. I love homemade. Gifts from the heart and the home.

How about you? Do you love homemade or store bought? What gifts do you like to make or give?

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