Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wine Barrel = Lighted Christmas Decoration

You may be tired of reading about the excitement I had at the Festival of Trees.

Just one more thing...

A part of the decorations and props surrounding the base of the tree was this mini wine barrel. I don't think it ever actually had wine in it, but it is adorable.

I shoved a bunch of packing paper in the bottom, chopped up some wood (birch would have been prettier, but I am not cutting down my trees), and added lights.

Et, voila! A beautiful lighted decoration. After we go tree hunting, I want to add pine sprigs. And additional pops of red.

Love Christmas - the lights, the smells, the music, the foods, the friends and family. Merry Christmas!

How about a little plug for Kameo Florists in Yakima? Didn't they do a great job on the tree and assorted accoutrements? Oui, oui!

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