Friday, December 5, 2014

Spider Webs or Snowflakes?

It all depends on your age and sex.

The grands were over this morning, checking out the decorated tree in the living room. My grandson, age 5, the kindergarten boy, was walking around the tree muttering, "spider web, spider web, spider web."

At first I thought he was walking through dangling webs. That has happened on occasion. Pesky little web spinners.

But he continued. Specifically. As he went, he pointed to every crocheted snowflake, calling it a spider web. Each one, to his eyes, looked just like a spider web.

Those snowflakes are precious heirlooms to me. Not spider webs. My mother and several church friends, some that are no longer with us, crocheted those delicate ornaments. They go on the tree every year. Gotta have my snowflakes.

Snowflakes, yes. Spider webs? No. Though I can see where some of them closely resemble spider webs.

Even then, after I told him that those spider webs were indeed snowflakes, I heard him talking near the tree, "spider web, spider web, spider web..."

To me, female, 52, those white things are beautiful snowflakes.

To him, male, 5, those white things are straight from the curled fingers of Spiderman. Spider. Webs.

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