Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Piano

Donavyn, the youngest of my babies (until June), explores the piano. He is going to be musical, this handsome boy!

The piano has been in our family for quite a long time.

My children banged and played on it. Neighborhood kids were drawn to the much-loved instrument like flies to a picnic. My preschoolers, at church and at school-school, spent many happy hours pounding the sort of ivory keys. Every child that has entered a room where the piano rests has been magnetically pulled to the piano and has immediately started playing.

Now that the prized instrument sits in my living room, my grands go like moths to a flame. Pound, jingle, bang, and play. They sing. They experiment. They observe. They make up songs. There is no resistance in children to experiencing this piano. Much to the noise tolerance levels of adults in attendance.

But it is my piano. And my babies. And my living room.

Play, babies, play. Get that rhythm going. Listen to those songs and tap that beat. Make up silly words, or no words at all. Sing. Clap. Bang. Pound.

Create. Imagine. Explore.

Do you have any toys of this intrinsic and sentimental value?

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