Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Will Their Be Pine Trees in Heaven?

Ahhhh. I am that serious.

I surely hope there will be pine trees in Heaven.
I love that scent so much, I think it is my absolute favorite. Even above chocolate and coffee and lavender.

We just added our final Christmas tree to our menagerie of decorated sticks. After a brief tree hunting episode that did not include heading into the mountains due to several restrictions, we ended up at Lowe's. I say their name because they gave us a great deal! I mean a really great deal.

Let's say the tree (Norfolk pine, folks, Norfolk pine) was originally priced at $34.99. And they welcomed us into the store with "We are willing to make you a deal!" and big smiles.

And they did.

We got over 50% off of a quality nearly 6-foot pine specimen; fresh, well-stuck-in-place needles, and an absolutely gorgeous tree. AND it had a disposable bag and tree food attached. AND they cut the trunk for us. AND they used one of those cool tree-wrapping-with-net machines. I was in awe.

And now? This final tree is standing proudly and fragrantly in our bedroom. Why not? We can enjoy the scents of being in the woods all night long. (And all of the other locations for a full size tree have been occupied this year due to my stunning win of a 9-foot fully decorated tree - see previous blog entries).

I love the fragrance of fresh pine trees. Ask Kevin. Last night I just stood there with my nose attached to the tree, declaring lifelong love and devotion. To a tree.

When I walk into a pine forest, or my bedroom, and gulp huge breaths of that piney scented air, my body and soul just relax. Stress unwinds from my body, my muscles ooze, and I enter a state of peace.

Here. I want you to experience my evergreen fragrance. Scratch and sniff the photo. That's our bedroom tree.

Did you do it?

How I wish we could do that on our computers. Well, thinking of other not so great scents, maybe not.

Back to my original question: Will there be pine trees in Heaven?

I hope so.

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