Friday, November 14, 2014

A Month of Thanks - November 14 - Thrift Shopping

Look at that cute boy!

There is one thing I love - the challenge of the hunt. Hitting the thrift stores, with equal possibilities of great success or dismal failures, is my type of game.

Today, on November 14, I am thankful for the fun of hitting the thrift stores. And the help received when trying to make a small budget stretch beyond expectations.

The weather turned this week. As in, it was nice and we could really wear shorts or capris last week, to now the pipes are freezing and daytime temps are in the low 30's. Our boy bundled up in his coat from last year.

Except it wasn't from last year. It was his coat from the year before. The arms were too short, the coat was too short, and the shoulders were too narrow.

Nana to the rescue. We hit the thrift store nearest our home. After several failed attempts, we struck gold. He loved it, it fit, and it was in good condition. Add that freshly laundered coat (notice the Seahawk colors) to a warm hat and gloves, and the kindergarten boy was ready for winter.

Sister just inherited a coat from her cousin. But she was in need of a hat. Which we found - pinks, sequins, ear flaps, braided yard, red-neck style, and fake fur. Adorable and cozy.

Let's hear it for thrift stores. Great deals plus the thrill of the hunt.

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