Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Month of Thanks - November 27 - Happy Thanksgiving!


That's what our son used to call Thanksgiving. Thanks-for-giving is the perfect rendition of what Thanksgiving is all about. Giving thanks. For what we have received. From God the Father, Who knows and loves us. He provides everything we need.

a place to put down our heads at night
food on our table
clothes on our backs
heat and cooling, as needed by season

Though not necessary, He also provides hobbies, opportunities for recreation, free time.

Necessary, but still a choice, He gives us chances to worship, fellowship, pray, and study His Word. He gave us the best gift ever, His Son, Jesus.

What else could we want or need?

I know. I am guilty of wanting more. But I have exactly what I need. It is contentment that I should be requesting through prayer. Contentment and peace for each day.

Today, November 26, I am thankful for Thanksgiving.

For Thanksgiving allows me pause to stop, reflect, and give sincere thanks. For without giving thanks, how can I truly enjoy that which I have been freely given?

Happy (peace-contentment-thanks-joy-love filled) Thanksgiving!

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