Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Month of Thanks - November 22 - Strong Men Who Kill the Rat - Eeeek!

Monet, in her post-rat glory

Do you know, that if you schedule a post, without writing the post, it will still post anyway? Nice, huh?

Today, November 22, I am thankful for strong men who kill the rat. Literally. Kill the Rat.

At my house, we are coming to expect some sort of exciting (and embarrassing) revelation from our kitties during a big event.

Said event happened last night. We had family over for my birthday dinner. Nothing fancy, but a house full of kids and grandkids, two kitties, and a rat.

Yes. A. Rat.

Not only a rat (first kill, or try to kill). But a live rat. Squeaking. Fighting. Trying to escape the ferocious teeth and jaw of Monet, the great leaf hunter.

For you see, before this event, Monet has only been interested in bringing us leaves. Nice, quiet, peaceful, beautiful leaves. The other sister was the live catch and bring in kitty. Worms, but still. They were alive and squiggling.

The scene was set. We were starting to dish up the meal. All of us hovering in the kitchen table vicinity. And suddenly, in comes Monet, her mouth full with a giant rat. At least it was pretty giant for her.

We screamed and all headed for the couch. Standing and perching on it. Except Donavyn. He just toddled around, playing at Nana's. (I did go get him.) This scene strongly resembled the squirrel scene from Christmas Vacation. You know the one I am talking about. It involved a hammer and a pillowcase and plenty of terror.

The strong men rescued us. Kevin and Taylor. Equipped with NOTHING, they trapped the rat, much to Monet's discontent, in the middle of the guest room bedding.

Awesome, right? Shudder.

Finally, with abundant angst and a lidded cottage cheese container (the rat was still very much alive, terrified, bleeding, and trying to escape cat and kin), our strong men captured and disposed of said rat.


I am thankful that I did not have to be the responsible one and take on the rat. I hate killing anything. But I don't want a rat running around my home either.

Now. If you are considering visiting us, you may have just changed your mind.

Never fear. The rat is gone. The bedding has been sanitized. The kitties are being monitored. And the house gutting down the street is almost complete. We hope. That is our suspected source of the first rat we have seen in this house.

So come on over! For surely, if we plan an event, the kitties will supply the excitement and entertainment.

And we have more cottage cheese containers.

Sorry. No rat picture. I was too busy standing on the couch.

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